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Zray Drift Inflatable Kayak: Test and Review

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The Zray Drift is the 100% high pressure model of the Zray brand, which also makes it the model with the highest performance in the range: stiffness, stability, fluid glide: this boat has many qualities that make it a particularly remarkable kayak.

This boat uses Dropstitch technology to stiffen the bottom and sides of the kayak. In this way we obtain a profiled boat, without lateral flanges that would limit the glide, and of an impressive rigidity. Thus, the boat deforms less than traditional inflatable kayaks under the effect of the swell or simply under the effect of the weight of the people on board, which makes it reactive to the orders transmitted to it, but also makes it very versatile and efficient.

Construction of the Zray Drift Inflatable Kayak

Just as Dropstitch technology has allowed SUP inflatable boards to compete in terms of performance with rigid paddle boards, the use of Dropstitch technology also allows a boat like the Zray Drift to offer an impressive level of performance, while remaining easy to store and transport once the boat has deflated.

Dropstitch technology consists of connecting the two walls (made of reinforced PVC) that make up the edges and bottom of the boat, by thousands of polyester threads. Inflated under high pressure – 8 Psi on the ground and on the sides, these filaments stretch and provide increased rigidity to the kayak. Moreover, it is what gives each wall its shape once it is pressurized. Without these wires, the edges and bottom of the boat would be shaped like a strand instead of being of constant thickness.

Finally, the function of these wires is not only to shape the board, but also to distribute the load imposed by the weight of the kayaker(s). Each wire taken separately could not withstand the load imposed by a person’s weight but, working together thanks to the internal pressure of the board, they perform their function without problem and allow the kayak to support the weight of one or more people.

The valves of the Zray Drift

It should be noted that the boat is equipped with two valves: one to inflate the two side walls, the other to inflate the bottom of the kayak. The boat is designed in two separate parts: the two side walls and a PVC canvas on the one hand (equipped with two drain plugs), and the high pressure bottom which is to be installed on the other hand.

The accessories supplied with the Zray Drift high-pressure inflatable kayak

Accessoires kayak gonflable Zray
Zray inflatable kayak accessories

Unlike some models, the Zray Drift Kayak comes with a convenient carrying bag, dual-flow high-pressure inflator, two seats, two footrests, as well as a fin and two aluminum paddles. So it’s a complete package ready to sail.

Technical data sheet of the Zray Drift inflatable kayak

  • Length: 426 cm (14′)
  • Width: 81 cm (32″)
  • Capacity: 2 people
  • Maximum load: 220 kg
  • Weight: 20 kg

The advantages of the Zray Drift kayak

  • Strength of the boat
  • Rigidity
  • Comfort
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Ultra versatility
  • Equipment level
  • quick washout
  • Reduced weight
Kayak gonflable Zray Drop Stitch
Inflatable kayak Zray Drop Stitch

Points for improvement in kayaking

  • The look a little loud
  • A level of finish that can sometimes be improved: possible traces of glue
  • Important windbreak if kayakers are light

What about the Zray Drift inflatable kayak

The Zray Drift is absolutely ideal for long rides, especially on flat water where it excels! And it offers an impressive space for passengers: so you are comfortable and can store as much luggage as possible!

The first impression when you discover this boat is that everything seems very solid: in other words, it’s heavy! The boat is big and imposing. Once again, the quality of dropstitch materials is there: as a bonus on board, it reminds us of the textures of Zodiac-type semi-rigid boats!

On the other hand, we can regret the quality of the pump, a little weak compared to the general quality of the boat. The seats are comfortable and provide good lumbar support.

In conclusion, we have here an excellent boat that is rather out of the ordinary, while remaining accessible in terms of budget! It is rather superior (if not much superior) to its direct competitors: the Slider models from KXone, the Tomahawk from Aqua Marina (not recommended), or the Full HP Yakkair from Bic and the Sea Eagle Razorlite (much more expensive).

Kayak gonflable Zray Drift
Zray Drift inflatable kayak

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