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Inflatable kayak gumotex rush : Test and Review

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Gumotex rush inflatable kayak is part of the brand new range from Gumotex with drop-stitch bottom and bow. The rush model is a fast and versatile inflatable kayak suitable for use in calm water and river class 2. The main assets of this model are its speed and stability.

Construction of the Gumotex Rush

With over 70 years of experience, Gumotex has acquired the necessary knowledge to build comfortable and stable comfortable and stable boats. The brand itself develops its own materials, which allows it to experiment and to experiment and search for new ways to improve the functional characteristics functional characteristics of the boats
The brand ensures the complete production of the kayak, from the manufacture of the material. Gumotex makes its kayaks out of rubber, they are ecological and easy to repair. The raw material is taken directly from the bark and wood of the Brazilian rubber tree. Because of the excellent properties of the natural and synthetic rubber mixtures developed by Gumotex developed by Gumotex, the boats are very strong and durable. In case of problems, the kayaks are easily repaired with the kit provided with them.

The Gumotex Rush 1 inflatable kayak

The Gumotex Rush kayak is ideal for calm water and river trips up to class 2. It has a high pressure bottom with an inflatable keel, which gives it an excellent glide and a good reactivity. It also has adjustable drop-stitch footbraces for maximum rigidity. All these innovations allow to optimize the glide and to adopt a stable posture to gain in power and efficiency.

Gumotex Rush
Gumotex Rush

The Gumotex Rush can be equipped with a removable decking that prevents water entry and also allows you to store your belongings under cover during your hikes.

Equipment included with the Rush 1

The Rush inflatable kayak comes with a convenient waterproof bag for storage. An adjustable foam seat is included for optimal comfort. The kayak comes with the following standard equipment:

  • Adjustable footrest
  • Elastic cord for securing for luggage
  • Adjustable PE foam seat with backrest
  • Handle on bow and stern for easy handling
  • Safety ropes on bow and stern stern
  • Daggerboard attachment
  • Removable centerboard
  • Push-Push valves
  • Repair kit
  • Waterproof transport bag 80 l

Technical specifications of the Rush 1 inflatable kayak

Length : 355 cm
Width: 81 cm
Weight : 12 kg
Maximum load: 150 kg
Construction : Nitrilon + Drop-stitch
Max. number of people : 1 person
Air chambers: 3+1
Packed dimension (cm) : 65 x 40 x 28
Max. Working pressure (Mpa / Bar / PSI): 0.02 ⁄ 0.2 ⁄ 3.0; 0.05 / 7.2
Cardboard box size (cm): 70 x 44.5 x 31

Kayaka gonflable Rush 1
Kayaka inflatable Rush 1

The advantages of the Rush kayak

  • Speed and maneuverability
  • Quick drying
  • Strong and light kayak

Weaknesses of the Rush kayak

  • Black color
  • Expensive model
  • Deck not included

What to think of the Gumotex Rush kayak

The Gumotex Rush is comparable to the Swing in size and volume, but it has a more advanced construction that provides remarkable stability and improved glide. The addition of the keel allows it to be very steerable and to maintain its course.

In addition, the raised side flanges of the Rush allow the kayak to be tilted according to the conditions to avoid turning over.
Note that this model also exists in a 2-seater version, the Rush 2, which can be used as a solo or duo.

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