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Sevylor inflatable kayak

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With more than six decades of experience, Sevylor offers a wide range of sevylor inflatable kayaks. The models offered by the brand extend to people from all walks of life. Among the range offered, you will find models adapted to beginners who want to learn how to kayak, experienced people who want to improve their skills or families who want to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Presentation of the brand  

Founded in 1948 and recognized as the main supplier of a wide range of inflatable PVC products, Sevylor continues to offer original designs with unique designs.
Today the brand designs innovative ranges of kayaks and other inflatable accessories.

Construction of Sevylor inflatable kayaks

The construction of an inflatable kayak is defined by the materials used. Sevylor kayaks are made of durable materials. The PVC flanges are covered with a nylon cover that protects the entire boat. This construction provides increased resistance to abrasion and perforation.
Most Sevylor models have several tubes, which helps to maintain a good flotation in case of a puncture in one of the tubes.


Technologie Sevy-STRONG et Sevy-SPENSION
Sevy-STRONG and Sevy-SPENSION technology

Sevy-Spension: patented seat system that allows you to suspend the seats on the side boudins. This technique prevents the ground from deforming under the weight of the passengers, which allows for better gliding. This system improves hydrodynamics by at least 15%. In addition, the suspended seats prevent you from coming into contact with water and keep you dry.

Sevy-Strong: fabric coated with reinforced PVC (18% thicker) to increase abrasion and puncture resistance. The fabric has the advantage of covering 28% more than competitive models.

Sevylor Paddle grip et Seat-Graphy
Sevylor Paddle grip and Seat-Graphy

Paddle-Grip : multifunction handle. It serves as both a carrying handle and a paddle rest to free hands without risk of losing the paddle.

Seatography : marking on the bottom of the kayak to determine, according to the number of passengers, the location of the seats for greater comfort and good posture.

The range of inflatable kayaks

If you are looking for a sporting activity or simply a family stroll, you will find the model that suits you among the sevylor kayak and inflatable canoe range, :

  • Ottawa
  • Yukon
  • Alameda
  • Madison
  • Adventure
  • Adventure Plus
  • Waterton
  • Tahiti Plus
  • Riviera
  • Reef 240
  • Reef 300

What about the brand?

Sevylor has the advantage of offering a wide range of models, designed to please the greatest number of practitioners. The products are designed to be easy to use. The brand offers kayaks that are easy to transport and manoeuvre in order to allow simple use and fast and efficient storage. It is easy to find the right kayak or canoe model for your needs within the Sevylor range. Despite the use of quality materials, there are sometimes manufacturing problems on some models, but Sevylor has a competent after-sales service and offers many spare parts. While Sevylor offers a rich and varied range, the brand struggles to find its place among regular practitioners looking for performance. Sevylor kayaks are intended for recreational and family use.

Kayak gonflable Sevylor Adventure
Sevylor Adventure inflatable kayak

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